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Derek Shapiro Owns "The Derek Shapiro Show" since 2006 and has interviewed Ryan Seacrest, T.I., Flo Rida, Andy Grammer & Much more with bringing "Booch & Shap" Mondays-Fridays 6A-9A on Leading Channel 1 &  with "The Monthly Showww" Interviewing Celebrities That Airs The 3rd. Thurs. of Every Month -Leading Channel 1 & ReAired The 4th. Thursday of Every Month

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DSS TV Station Owned By: Derek Shapiro Brings You Online TV With Radio Airplay w/Music that is Rock! Bringing You "Booch & Shap" Mon.-Fri. 6A-9A & "Derek Shapiro's Morning Showww" Mon.-Fri. 9A-11A & "The Booch Cast" Mon.-Fri. 12P-3P & Every Saturday Night on Front Page "Booch's Whoop Ass Can Opener" & 2nd Saturday of Every Month "Talking With Derek" Front Page!